Hey Au Pairs,

Just a quick update today:

Our book is finally available to preorder on Amazon! We couldn’t be happier.

We’ve been working on this project for the past two years. It’s been a lot of work and we’re so glad our book is finally available to purchase.

Better yet, it’ll be delivered on Christmas day, which is the best present we could have asked for (and we’ll be together to celebrate!)

This book is specifically aimed at au pairs in Paris but should be useful to others all around the world too. Please check out the product page of the book to decide if you’d like to buy it!

We couldn’t have done this without the help, love and support of the au pair community and we’re so grateful for everyone who has come along with us for this crazy ride! Thank YOU!



We're Quitting YouTube

Hey Au Pairs,

Did you hear yet? We’re quitting YouTube!

In 2017, we started this project to try and bring all the information au pairs in Paris (and around the world) need into one place.

Today, we've finally reached a HUGE milestone in our work and we are SOOO excited to announce: OUR BOOK WILL BE OUT FOR PRE-ORDERS ON FRIDAY!!!

We explain more in this week’s video. But, thank you ALL for your MULTITUDE of support these last 18 months!! We couldn't have done it without you! xoxoxoxo

(Well until 2019 that is…)

Check our website for more updates about the book! We really truly appreciate all of your support over the past year and bid you wonderful holiday away from the host family (hopefully) and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Hanna and Edwina