Our Story.


Hello, we are
Edwina & Hanna.

a Brit and American whose friendship blossomed in Paris while we were au pairs.

If it weren’t for our time as au pairs, we’d never have met. We spent a few months adjusting to the city, getting used to our new host families and living abroad for the first time. We were pretty underwhelmed by the lack of support available for au pairs.

Four years after our au pair stay, with a lot more au pairing experience and still a love for Paris, we decided to do something about it. Au Pair, Oh Paris aims to provide first timers with the knowledge we wish we’d had ourselves but also support for current au pairs.

To do this, we’ve written a book, created loads of videos for our YouTube Channel and The Au Pair Starter Kit Video Series to help you get started on your journey towards au pairing. If you need help with getting a visa, we got you there too. 

We personally have hundreds of stupid stories for you to learn from including, the time we lost the dog, killed all the fish, threw a teenage house party and scratched the host family car… And, we love hearing your stories too.

Get in touch by clicking here. You can also follow us on Instagram or Twitter with the handle @aupairohparis. Or, subscribe to support us on Patreon. Stay tuned. 

xoxox Edwina + Hanna