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APOP Membership

We organize events for au pairs in Paris to create a tight knit community of people who can lean on each other and bond during this challenging time!


As an APOP Member you get to enjoy... 

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An Invitation to our FB Group Community for au pairs in Paris (& France)

We have two main FB Groups. One, is an open group for au pairs from all over the world. There other, is for our APOP Members specifically located in Paris and other parts of France. Once you become an APOP Member you’ll receive an invitation to this closed Group where you can interact with other au pairs in your area!

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Coffee meetups, Picnics, & Community events!

As a way to build our community, we, along with our APOP Ambassadors facilitate coffee meetups each week in your local area in Paris/France to chat about our au pair lives. It's a unique opportunity to simply vent about au pair life! We really treasure our weekly au pair time because it's a great way to feel connected to other au pairs in town.

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Photography Walks!

Edwina invites the APOP Members on Photography Walks through Paris. Everyone deserves a few nice portraits of themselves in their new beautiful city! Join and become her model. I mean, if you don’t have a pic looking French, were you ever REALLY an au pair in Pars???

...and so much more. 


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