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We help you meet au pairs in your area and prepare you for your au pair year. We also organise weekly events for au pairs in Paris & build community to support au pairs!


As an APOP Member you get to enjoy... 

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An Invitation to our Paris FB Group Community + To our databasE of au pairs all over the world!

We have two main FB Groups. One, is an open group for au pairs from all over the world. The other, is for our APOP Members located in Paris and other parts of France. Once you become an APOP Member you’ll receive an invitation to this closed Groups + to our au pair database where you can contact other au pairs in your area!


GET FEATURED on our InstAgram

Our APOP Members get to show their Day In The Lives as au pairs! They are all over the world and we love watching what a day in their shoes is like.

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Coffee meetups, Picnics, & Community events for au pairs!

For our APOP Members in Paris, we facilitate coffee meetups each week to chat about our au pair lives. It's a unique opportunity to simply vent about au pair life! We really treasure our weekly au pair time because it's a great way to feel connected to other au pairs in town.

We also have APOP Ambassadors who lead events all over the world!

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A Packing list, APOP STICKER, & Welcome letter

It’s always nice to be prepared! We’ll send you our PDF of all the things we wish we had packed as well as a hand-written letter from us wishing you a welcome into the community! We love our APOP Members and we love following their adventures around the world.

...and so much more. 

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Becoming an APOP member has made a huge impact on my au pair year. Whether it be being able to find an answer to a question on the forum to introducing me to other au pairs, APOP has been there every step of the way to help guide me.
— Chesley T.
Throughout the entire process leading up to my au pair year, APOP was there right beside me every step of the way. From answering my questions in their videos to answering any and all my questions through email. But it didn’t stop there! Even after having finally arrived in Paris, APOP was still the community I went to for all things AuPair!
— Jose T.
I’m so glad I joined the APOP Member community, and my only wish is that I’d known about it when I first came here! Having been an au pair before and having lived in Paris for several years now, Edwina is a fount of knowledge on both au pair issues and Paris, and is also super lovely!
— Emma B.
Here in France, having a pre-gathered community is invaluable. Being in a new country, surrounded by new people is hard. [As an APOP Member in Paris] APOP has a great Facebook group system where meeting people close to you is so easy and you have something in common right away. The planned meet-ups were always a lot of fun and if you’re ever lonely, you can make a post and find another AuPair to grab a coffee with.
— Julia M.
Since becoming an APOP Member, I have met so many wonderful people from around the world and have had so many wonderful opportunities exploring Paris at the same time. I have only lived in Europe for two and a half months, however, being an APOP Member has made me feel like such a local.
— Lily C.

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