Here’s My story.

When I decided to become an au pair, I had no idea what I was doing… all I knew was that I wanted to be abroad. I was pretty miserable, spending a lot of $$$ at a very expensive university and meanwhile, I had no idea what I wanted to study.

I knew (vaguely) of a girl who was an “au pair in Paris” and I harassed her with questions about what her life was like “What is an au pair?” “Can I be one?” “What if I don’t speak French?” “What should I pack?!” “How do I get a visa???” I was desperate to spend 12 months in Paris.

Paris 2018.

Paris 2018.

Except what happened next I would have never have calculated into my plans. My host family threw me out into the streets homeless, overworked, and with no Plan B. I slept on other au pairs’ couches for a month and I faced many a time when I wanted to go home and just call it quits.

But, alas, I prevailed. And while it was hard, being an au pair was one of the best experiences of my life.

And now, I want to give back. I started APOP because I want au pairs to have help through this process. I want there to be a resource for young womxn (and men) who want to move abroad. You don’t have to pay an agency $200+ but you do need help of some sort. Let me empower you to get you abroad.

I work with au pairs on anything and everything. With 6+ more years working with young people transitioning to a life in Europe, you can count on me as your person to lean on and to ask questions to.

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I will work with you to get you through the visa process, answer questions, help you find a family in a time of need. I know how overwhelming it can be to be a young person abroad. And, how confusing it can be to live in someone else’s space… au pair life is weird!

I can’t wait to talk to you and help you :) Thanks for reading my story. Click below to start working with me!

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Edwina has helped put my mind, and my families, at ease as this will be my first experience living away from home. Edwina not only catered the visa process step-by-step for me specifically, she also checked-in, and was there night and day to answer any question I had- no matter how outrageous!!
— -Katy G.