Summer Au Pairing - Pros & Cons


If you don't have time to be an au pair for a full year or simply want to get a taster for what it's like before you commit to one city or one family for a long period of time, being a summer au pair may be a good way for you to dip your toes in without diving into the deep end completely.

However, just know that there are multiple pros and cons with such an experience. We've laid out a few for you to help you decide whether such an experience is right for you, or whether it's better to sign up to be an au pair long term and skip summer completely! 

- You could find yourself working for 10 hours straight (make sure to ask for some time off and check out previous video: )
- You're still on an au pair "salary" - so you're just getting pocket money.
- Sometimes feeling stuck - staying at a vacation home means there isn't much to do and you can't easily escape. 
- Being surrounded by your host family all the time means being completely immersed in the language which can be EXHAUSTING, especially if your language level is low.

- Great way to travel, soak up some culture and get out of your home town.
- Being given more money to explore and enjoy the city by your host parents! They should want to help you give their child a great day - so more trips to the zoo/museum/ice cream parlour for you!
- Going away to a very fancy all-inclusive resort/home/cruise you can't afford for yourself & they should be paying for everything. Enjoy!
- Being completely immersed in a language for a couple of months is a great way to quickly learn!

Thank you so much to everyone who watches, comments, likes and subscribes - we really really appreciate it! Let us know what your opinions of summer au pairing are in the comments. We'd love to hear from you.

Ciao for now! xoxo