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Hey Au Pairs,

One of the reasons why we started this whole Au Pair, Oh Paris journey was so that we could provide a community for lonely au pairs (like US!)

We started by writing our book and creating a YouTube Channel where we could answer questions. We’re so grateful to have so many of you commenting, liking and messaging us every day!

Here are the TOP TOOLS we’ve created for au pairs:

1. Au Pair, Oh Paris FB Open Forum

This is a Facebook group for any and all AU PAIRS. This group is free to join. You can post any question you want. For example:

  • I’m an au pair going to Spain -how can I get my visa?

  • What is the best agency to use?

  • Is this a good host family?

We post and interact with au pairs personally in this group too!

Today, we’ve been talking about the worst things we did as au pairs (join the conversation!)

This group is strictly for AU PAIRS… In other words, no host families to check up on what you’re doing! We’re trying to be as vigilant as possible at keeping host parents and other muggles OUT.

2. APOP Members Private FB Group

We also started our second group APOP Members in Paris (& France) This is a more intimate community for au pairs specifically in Paris and in France.

All you need to do to become apart of it is to become an APOP Member by clicking here.

We organize meetups and events for our au pairs in Paris. Every week this month in Paris we have had a picnic at the Eiffel Tower! There is a $5 membership fee, but if you’re an APOP Member, you can expect meetups, brunches, tours, yoga classes, picnics, parties and a end-of-year travel trip.

You can find out more about this in our most recent video:

3. Become an APOP Ambassador!

We encourage au pairs in Paris, in France, and around the world to start your own FB Group. We have a running list of smaller FB Groups which may be beneficially to you. Check it out by clicking here.

Meeting people in your local area is the best way to make friends who you can see regularly (who wants to travel for an hour after work?). Getting to know your neighbours also helps you form a sense of community and it’s LOVELY bumping into a familiar face.

Right now, we’re hoping to find APOP Ambassadors who want to take charge of these smaller Facebook groups and lead a small group in their own arrondissement. APOP Ambassadors help us make EVEN MORE regular events happen and ensure au pairs in their area are happy!

Become an APOP Ambassador by emailing

Say hi to three of our wonderful APOP Ambassadors:

Chloe is the APOP Ambassador for Versailles!

Chloe is the APOP Ambassador for Versailles!

Hi everyone, I’m Chloe I’m 21 years old and I’m currently au pairing in Bievres (a south Western suburbs of Paris, around 15 mins from Versailles). Im from Hastings in England and graduated from the University of Exeter in July after studying Maths. When I’m not working I like going out for coffee and meals, yoga and generally exploring.
Alyssa is the APOP Ambassador for the 16th arrondissement

Alyssa is the APOP Ambassador for the 16th arrondissement

I’m from Sun Valley, Idaho but have been living in Aberdeen, Scotland since 2012. I am currently an au pair in the 16th in Paris.
Emily is in charge of the 17th arrondissement group!

Emily is in charge of the 17th arrondissement group!

My name is Emily, I’m from Bountiful, Utah in the United States and I’m living in the 17th Arrondissement.

With those updates over and done with, we’ll bid you goodbye.

Please join in the conversation on the FB Open Forum and if you’re an au pair in Paris, we can’t wait to meet you at the end of this month!

Hanna & Edwina

DiaryHanna Watkin