Frequently Asked Questions 

We love getting your questions. And, we try to answer each and every one of them. In the meantime while you wait for us to reply, this page may help you find some answers. You can always ask us more questions by clicking here. 

Do you live in Paris? What do you do?  

Believe it or not, we both have full time jobs while also working on Au Pair, Oh Paris. Slowly, but surely APOP will become our main job. That's the dream at least! We love helping au pairs around the world. Hanna is a traveling journalist and Edwina is a teacher and wannabe photographer in Paris Check out her instagram @edwkoch  

How can I meet other au pairs? 

We have 2 main Facebook Groups to help you meet other au pairs. This is an online space which we wish had as au pairs in Paris long ago.

  1. Au Pair, Oh Paris ONLINE FORUM - This is a space where our APOP Fans can ask each other questions. We have au pairs from all over the world contacting us. If we can’t answer your question, someone in the community will surely be able to!

  2. APOP Members in Paris (& France) - This group is for APOP Members who live in Paris and other areas of France. You can check out the benefits of APOP Membership on our APOP Member benefits page. 

How do I get a visa? 

The Visa process is the a huge challenge. If you haven't already, take a look at The Au Pair Starter Kit In it, we break down the visa process. If you still need help with all the paperwork and would like more 1 on 1 guidance, you can always schedule a Skype session with us.

What are the best places in Paris to visit?

Since we are lovers of Paris, we have a lot of favorites to suggest. We created the APOP Paris Bucket List to help get all of our au pair friends explore the city. Get the list by signing up here. 

How can I show my love to Hanna and Edwina?

We love receiving messages from you all about how we've been able to help you! If you feel like we've helped you please, write us a letter and even better, give us a donation by clicking here. 

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