What's on the list. 

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Before picking up the kids: 

Whether you want to pack in a couple of sights, find the perfect outfit for a night out at the weekend or simply need caffeine, we have options which fit neatly into your day, before you need to pick up your host kids (maybe take goûter with you!)  

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9 Must-Do Walks in Paris:

Become Parisian FAST. These spots are necessary to check out if you ever want to become a true Parisian. You better get used to them and know them off by heart for when your friends and family come to stay. However, don't think that Paris is allll about the Eiffel Tower. We've thrown in a few local delights too.

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Links to our Google Maps: 

Have you ever heard of starring your maps so you can always find something to do when you're out and about? With these downloadable maps, we'll have it done for you - so if you want to stray from the walk, you can find coffee, cute parks or museums to enjoy along the way or check out when you're in the area!