What's The APOP Club?

We've been there and we've got your back. We know that au pairing can be hard and even lonely at times. Our goal is to make the entire experience easier for you. As a part of the APOP Club, you get exclusive access to PDFs, secret Facebook Community groups, and much more. Check out what The APOP Club is all about...

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The Paris City Guide PDF

After 4+ years in Paris, we have a list of all of our favorite places. Whether you are in the city for a day, a weekend, a week or for the year! This list is a great place to organize your city explorations. A new city, especially one as big as Paris, can be overwhelming! That's why we culminated this beautiful PDF list for you.  

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The Ultimate Packing List PDF 

How on earth are you supposed to pack your entire life into 1 or 2 suitcases? Over baggage fees can be rough and if you want to avoid them, we hihgly recommend becoming a member and taking a peek at our packing list. Shoes, underwear, accessories, toiletries. We want to make sure you don't forget anything. 

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An Invitation to Our SECRET Facebook Group 

Finding community as an au pair is hard! On our Facebook Group, you have not only us, but an entire community of au pairs to reach out to in times of need. Plan trips together, go on coffee dates, or simply get your questions answered. The Faceook Group is for all of this and beyond! 

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Answers to all of your questions! + Live Chats 

There isn't enough information out there for au pairs. As part of the APOP Club, you will get access to our personal emails and be able to contact us whenever, receiving answers to every and any question you may have about your experience. For example, "How long should my visa paperwork take???" "How do you say CRAP! in French??" "Is this a good host family?" ... we've got answers for you. And, if you don't we'll do thorough research and point you in the best directions. 

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