Our Story 


It all started when...

Edwina created a Facebook group for au pairs in the 17th arrondissement way back in 2013. After just a couple of meetings, the Hanz/Edvi duo was born and we became inseparable. 

Sadly, the Atlantic ocean separates us when we're not in Paris but our amazing friendship lasted the course of the past four years thanks to email and Facetime. 

But, we kicked everything up a notch recently when we became business partners. Our first mission is Au Pair, Oh Paris or APOP for short.

APOP aims to support au pairs with the difficulties of au pair life, promote the opportunities for au pairs in Paris, and strengthen the Paris community of au pairs.

We both have a lotttt of experience with au pairing and babysitting, but had always struggled to find the help and information we needed. Why is becoming an au pair so difficult?

We decided to start writing a book and spent countless hours in coffee shops in France, working together to answer all the questions we wished we'd had answers to. 

We're well on our way to aiding new generations of au pairs in Paris and make sure you have the best possible time in the city.

NOW, we answer questions on our Au Pair, Oh Paris YouTube channel,

Help au pairs connect on our Facebook group,

Tweet vintage 2013 pics of us on Twitter

AND will be bringing our Au Pair, Oh Paris Survival Guide to you in 2018! Watch this space.