What does it mean to be APOP Approved?

When putting our list together of the best agencies you can use, we look for very specific criteria which will guarantee that our au pairs have an easy and safe experience using the agency. Here is a list of some of the things we look for...

  • Translated Website - Is the website in English? Can it be translated into multiple languages? Au pairs come from all over the world. It is important that you can navigate their website in your language! 
  • Quick and Easy Contact - We want to make sure that the agency will contact you fast. Au pairs have a lot of questions, and a good agency can answer them quickly. 
  • Solid Screening Process - Every agency has different rules and regulations for their host families. We make sure that these agencies are up to our standards. We want au pairs to be paid enough and treated fairly. 
  • Fast Turn Around Time - How long does it take the agency to match you with a host family? While care should be taken during the au pair - host family matching process, time is also a factor.