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Wherever in the world you are an au pair (even if it’s not in Paris!) you can become an APOP Member. Meet au pairs in your area and prepare for your au pair year abroad! Meet other people like you who want to travel around the world :)

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How To Become An Au Pair E-Book

This book answers every single question we (APOP) have ever received from future and current au pairs like you! How do I get a visa? How do I make friends? Is pepper spray legal in Europe?! It’s all answered in the book!

PS: You don’t need a Kindle to read our book - you can ready it on your laptop or phone!

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Need a sticker for your laptop or phone? This sticker is a reminder that you are not alone in your au pair journey! We have thousands of au pairs around the world who are right there with you.

All proceeds help keep this website running!