How to Make Friends as an Au Pair - Facebook Group Announcement


Hey Au Pairs,

For many of you, the visa process is complete, your new host family sounds lovely and you're very soon to be moving abroad. We're proud of you for making it this far! After we got through the paperwork, there was a small part of us with a little niggling concern... 


Soon enough, you'll have a friendship as good as this one (WE met on Facebook!)

Soon enough, you'll have a friendship as good as this one (WE met on Facebook!)

Our longterm goal has always been to connect au pairs across the world with each other and NOW we’re finally launching our Facebook Groups! 

There will be more information coming soon in a video! But, for now - here are three things you can do now in order to meet au pairs in your area: 

1. Tell us where you are going to be an au pair (so we can make sure you're in the right group as we've developed multiple choices so you can meet people in your area.)

2.  Join our FB Group + subgroups While Au Pair, Oh Paris has been focused on au pairs in Paris, the first 100 au pairs going to countries outside of France will get to join for free.

3. Become an APOP Memberin order to join the FB Pages in Paris, there is an APOP Membership fee of $5 to keep the group safe, advertisement free, and worth your time. 

(Wondering why? If you're in Paris, membership doesn't stop at being involved in a Facebook group. Starting at the end of September, we'll be organising events in the city including brunches or weekly coffee dates for au pairs in each arrondissement, leading workout classes and tours and nights out (helping to keep you safe.) We're also already doing a lot of work on the Facebook group to keep creeps out, avoid being controlled by agencies and unbiased and keeping ads AWAY! Check out APOP Membership here if you're unconvinced!)

Check out this week's video to learn a little more about this concept:

We'll give you further updates as we develop this idea further, but for now you can become an APOP member HERE

Keep the comments, emails and questions coming! They keep us going. We love knowing your opinion and keeping this community an unbiased place. 

That's all for now!