How to Pack for a Year Abroad - Au Pairing/Student Exchange Tips


When we first moved to Paris, we were so eager to curate our new French style that we threw every stripey top, semi-chic kitten heel and red spotted scarf into our already bulging bags.

Not only did we have to pay for extra luggage, we soon realised there was no need for extra clothes - we actually needed extra underwear. Hence, the golden au pair rule was born: fewer clothes, more underwear!

Packing for a New Life in Paris

If you follow this rule, packing for your time away as an au pair anywhere in the world should be a lot easier. Once you arrive in Paris/Berlin/Milan, you'll be able to curate your style further by visiting local charity shops, sales racks and borrowing from your new friends.

In this week's video, Edwina broke down how she would pack to be an au pair or student abroad, this time with hindsight on her side. 

We'll be posting a full packing list on our blog soon, so make sure to check that out! But, again, remember that having clean underwear when you haven't been able to use the washing machine in your host family's apartment that week will be a saviour - we promise.

Let us know what you wished you had or hadn't packed in the comments! Personally, I wish I'd packed far more Yorkshire teabags - Paris just doesn't have the right tea (unless it's from the super expensive M&S on the Champs-Élysées. Thanks for reading/watching!

Still struggling with what to pack or other elements of the au pair process? Get in touch!