We Lied About Our Cooking Experience

We are LIARS - kind of. Does it count as lying if you had the best intentions at heart?

When we both signed up to be au pairs, we didn't realise that the calibre of French family cuisine would be more than simple oven pizzas and pesto pasta (our faves). So, when we said we could cook, I guess what we really meant was we've VERY good at heating food up. 

Maybe we just stretched the truth a little even, but we're not too guilty. As a result of this little white lie, we're now pretty good at cooking from French recipes. In fact, Edwina now makes a mean quiche.

We still both hate cooking and avoid it as much as possible. But, if you find yourself faced with a French recipe and a stressed out host parent, make sure you keep your cool during the cooking process. To do this we recommend: 

- Having your phone/tablet/laptop on hand so you can translate any of the words you don't understand.

- Save the recipe words you've now just learned so you remember them for next time (making life easier for yourself in the future!) 

- Get used to Celsius. In Paris, cook cakes at around 180 C! Look it up if you're unsure, don't just wing it! A charred birthday cake and a crying kid don't make a successful party.

- Ask for help. If you're finding it difficult to follow a recipe, don't be afraid to ask for further instructions from a host parent as a last resort. If your host family are kind, they won't mind explaining via text where the grater is for carottes rapées. 

Thanks for reading/watching! We really appreciate all the love and support we're getting. Sorry we're unable to respond to every question we get. If you have an urgent question and need help, you can chat with us, here