How to Become a Male Au Pair

Hey Au Pairs,

Sadly, we still get asked the question "but can guys be au pairs?" The answer to that is YES! We explore this in this week’s video:

To become an au pair, the only compulsory criteria is to be: 

- between 17 - 30 years old
- interested in working with kids
- unmarried and have no kids of your own
- healthy
- not a past criminal (no record)
- and want to spend time abroad with an interest in your host country's language/culture.

SO long as you fit those requirements, you can become an au pair - no matter how you identify. It's certainly a great way to learn a new language, leave your comfort zone and meet international friends for life. 

Unfortunately, we've only met a few male au pairs abroad and those we've met have confirmed that the process took a little work. However, if you're willing to put in maybe a little extra time to find the perfect au pair host family, it is possible.

The process is then the same for any non-EU citizens. We have help with procuring a visa on our channel. If you're a male au pair, we'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!